docuvision document scanning

DocuVision Retrieval Server - More than document retrieval. - End of Life Jan 2014

DocuVision Retrieval Server is a centralised secure image repository that replaces the costly and time consuming maintenance of filing systems, tedius manual filing and retrieval process, enabling administrative staff to be focussed on more profitable business activities.

Business processes are markedly improved and task completion times reduced when files are no longer damaged or lost and can be accessed immediately and simultaneously by multiple users.

Competitive pressures continue to reinforce the need for excellent levels of customer service and any development that increase customer retention are extremely valuable, given the significant cost of attracting new customers. With DocuVision Retrieval Server, customer service staff can retrieve relevant information during a customer's enquiry - improving the customer/supplier relationship.

DocuVision Retrieval Server is a web based system. The system can be accessed by authorised users through third party browsers.

Path forward - The end of life of this product opens the way to integrate and work with a larger range of platforms and systems. The comprehensive range of CRM systems now available supports Vision and Beyonds core principles of offering the best solution to meet the needs of a broader spectrum of client needs and budgets with and without document management systems already in place.

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