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Are You A TRIM User?

Are you wasting precious time on scanning paper documents through TRIMScan?


TRIMScan, as described by Tower Software is “designed to meet low-end distributed workgroup scanning requirements”.


Did you know there is a much faster and better way to scan your documents into TRIM?


Many TRIM Context and Captura users have discovered DocuVision Imaging.


Unlike TRIMScan, DocuVision is designed for centralised high level scanning. This means that groups of documents can be scanned, separated, information captured automatically from the individual documents through barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR), and inserted into TRIM automatically.


DocuVision supports colour, grayscale and black and white scanning. Included with the software are several filters that improve the quality of the scanned document. These include: noise, black border, hole punch removal, deskew and many other filters that can assist in making the captured document image better quality than the original.



DocuVision is perfect for capturing forms or other recurring structured documents. Many of our current users, utilize DocuVision to capture documents for various applications; Universities use it to capture Student Application forms, Government Departments use it to capture feedback and application forms and the health industry use it to capture membership forms. These are just a few examples of how DocuVision is implemented to save time.


DocuVision supports over 20 of the most popular barcodes including: Code39, Code2of5.






DocuVision Imaging Suite

Colour, Greyscale, BW Scanning

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