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Document Scanning Bureau Services.

Vision and Beyond has been involved in Scanning Bureau services for over 10 years. Through its vast experience it has developed its own software that is used in house and by many organizations around Australia. Unlike many other bureaus, having its own software, DocuVision, Vision and Beyond can deliver a cost effective solution for all types of Document capture projects.

Vision and Beyond continue to expand its software to cope with all types of requirements. There are few jobs that DocuVision can not handle and in the rare case that a client may have a specialized requirement, Vision and Beyond can usually modify DocuVision to tackle that requirement.

Vision and Beyond’s staff have worked on projects for some of the largest organization in Australia including one of Australia’s largest retailers and banks. Vision and Beyond’s experienced staff can assist an organization with their document capture requirements from the outset of the project. If your project requires the capture of such things as application forms, it is often a good idea to discuss your requirements with Vision and Beyond before the applications are printed. Having the applications designed for scanning can save large amounts of money in post processing. For example the addition of such things as a barcode along with a application number can cut down in operator input or document separation.

With a vast understanding of document capture, the equipment available and our own software, Vision and Beyond staff can recommend a solution that not only meets a client’s requirement but also meets these requirements in the most efficient way that reduces ongoing costs.

Vision and Beyond can capture documents, forms, application or any other type of paper in black and white, grayscale or color or a combination of both with one pass of the scanner. Known as dual stream capture, our software and scanners can capture a colour image for document storage, 100 to 200 dpi, and a B&W image, 300 dpi for processing such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) or optical mark recognition (OMR). These processes are usually carried out on a B&W image for accuracy, however for later retrieval and viewing a colour copy of the image is better. During dual capture the client receives the best of both.

Another key to document capture is matching your document types and volumes with the right scanner. Our bureau uses high speed A3 scanners to capture documents. The scanners can capture over 60 pages per minute in simplex or duplex mode. We can also capture sections of images if you do not require the information on a complete page.

Vision and Beyond can scan documents such as:
• Invoices
• Delivery Notes
• Project Files
• Finance Records
• Invoices
• Correspondence Files
• Engineers Reports
• Technical Manuals
• Medical Files
• Legal Files
• Photographs

The documents can be returned to clients as Group 4 TIFF, JPEG, PDF or other formats on request.

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