docuvision document scanning

DocuVision Imaging Suite - Your solution to document scanning.

DocuVision Imaging Suite is a comprehensive document batch scanning solution, which is easy to use and can be customised to meet individual company needs. DocuVision supports document scanners of all levels that are ISIS compatible. It is able to process volumes, small and large on a daily basis.

Documents are captured, filtered for improved legibility and stored as digital images. Information can be captured from the document through, barcode recognition, Optical Character Recognistion* (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition* (ICR) or through manual operator keying which can then be associated with the digital images.

DocuVision Imaging Suite includes four core modules:
  • DocuVision Administration
  • DocuVision Document Scanning
  • DocuVision Indexing
  • DocuVision Release

Optional DocuVision modules include:

DocuVision Imaging Suite directly releases to Tower Software's Context and Captura products, DocuVision Retrieval Server and other common file formats.

To download the DocuVision Imaging Suite brochure click here.(PDF 82KB)

DocuVision Imaging Suite can capture information during document scanning.

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