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What is an Electronic Document Records Management Systems (EDRMS)?


In a world where the volume of information being created is increasing, whether it be in paper or electronic format, organizations need to learn to carefully manage this information in order to take advantage of the information or knowledge they hold and its potential.


An EDRMS can assist an organization to manage the information within documents and records through its ability to:

  • Assist in compliance with standards and legislation
  • Reduce response times for information requests
  • Eliminate redundant and duplication of paper
  • Remove paper from the records management cycle.


An EDRMS allows for:

  • Storage and management of electronic documents
  • Simultaneous access of documents by multiple users in multiple locations
  • Support many different file formats
  • Management of a variety of records


DocuVision is a complete solution for EDRMS. DocuVision Imaging Suite assists in the capture of paper documents with the addition of a scanner. Documents are scanned and information can be automatically captured and stored along with the documents image into DocuVision Retrieval Server.

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