docuvision document scanning

What is Document Imaging Software?

Document imaging software is the application that converts the paper document into an electronic image. It communicates with the scanner and captures the information delivered to it and processes it to create a replication of the original document. Document imaging software such as DocuVision include features to improve the quality of the original document once converted into an image.

DocuVision includes filters such as deskew, hole punch removal, despeckle, black border removal and line removal to name a few which can improve the quality of the electronic copy over the original.

Once the document imaging software has captured the document, the software is used to index the document. The indexes are key pieces of information that allows users to find the right document in the future. For instance a customer invoice may be indexed on fields such as Invoice Number, Date, Customer Number , Last Name etc. In future an employee can retrieve the invoice on any or all of these fields. In a paper based filing system, the invoice would usually be filed under one of these key pieces of information. In a document imaging system, single documents can be stored under numerous pieces of information.

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