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What Are Applications For Document Imaging?

Organisations use document imaging systems in their businesses for a wide variety of reasons and in various ways. Below is a list of some examples of how your organization can utilize a document imaging system:

Improved Customer Service
Instant access to documents, allows employees to address an organizations customer inquiries immediately with all the required information at their fingertips. This instant access of information can eliminate the time delays that often frustrate a customer, improving the customer’s relationship that in turn may lead to more business.

Sharing Information
In many organizations, documents are required in more than one place at one time. With document imaging and the right document retrieval software, an organization can share information through the ability to view the same documents simultaneously. Annotation and notes can be added to the document if required for all to see, without altering the original document and with document retrieval software such as DocuVision Retrieval Engine, electronic documents can be linked together so that employees can gather information that may be related to the document they are currently viewing.

Remote Access
Many organizations have offices in different cities. With a document imaging system, information can be shared over a wide area. Offices can be linked up via a private wide are network or over the internet and employees in remote destinations can have access to documents immediately without the need for other employees to search and fax or mail copies to the remote employees again reducing costs for the organization.

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