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Why Invest In Document Imaging?

Many people look for a document imaging system for different reasons. Organisations are inundated with paper documents every day. The first problem many organizations face is where to file all these paper documents so that its employees can easily retrieve them if required. The second issue facing paper documents are lost or misfiled documents. Coopers and Lybrand estimate that 7.5% of all documents get lost and 3.5% of the remainder is misfiled. Finally an issue often overlooked with paper documents is, what would your organization do in a disaster, when all your paper documents were lost destroyed. With document imaging, copies of documents can be stored offsite.

Document imaging solves the above problems as well as improves an organizations work practices. A paper document can only be in one place at one time unless it is reproduced on a photocopier. According to Coopers and Lybrand, the average document gets copied 19 times and in many cases these documents are filed.

With a document imaging system retrieving a document is faster than doing the same thing on a paper-based system. Any employee with security access to the system can easily type in a search criterion into the system and have displayed to them all documents that meet the criteria entered. After the employee is finished with the document it can be closed without the need to be refilled. The document imaging system eliminates the wasted time spent filing, searching, retrieving and re-filing paper documents allowing for employee’s time to be spent on more productive tasks.

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